A downloadable game for Windows and Android

A jelly travelling space, bouncing everywhere. 


Jelly Bounce is a mobile game where you are a little jelly who's bouncing on walls.  During your climb you will see platform, some of them can maybe kill you or help you.


• A vertically scrolling game in space.

Bouncing jelly who's splatching against wall.

Falling can be really critical for you.

• Don't stay too long on a wall a jelly is slippery

• A little blob can tell u where u are about to jump.


This game as been develloped during our studies, in a worshop of 3 weeks. Here there is the entire team :

BAES Yohan  (Artist Director)
BAUDRY Yvan  (Develloper)
D'HALLUIN Sylvain  (Project Leader)


JellyBounce.zip 38 MB
JellyBounce.apk 36 MB

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